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Our Dried lemon is crafted from seeded lemon in Vietnam. We carefully select our raw materials from farms that meet export standards and practice safe cultivation. The lemons are dried immediately after harvest, ensuring a pronounced aroma and a fresh, vibrant taste.

Ingredient: 100% lemon.
Moisture: 5-10%
Shelf life: 12 months.
Store in a cool, dry place
(18 – 25°C)







 All-natural quality dried fruits

Our products are made from all-natural ingredients sourced for top quality and optimal health benefits.

Enjoy the natural sweetness of our products for a healthy life.
Good for health.

Our unique drying method ensures a shelf life of up to 12 months without preservatives.

We prioritize the natural taste of fruit, without any artificial additives.
Good for health.

Our products are sulfite-free, preserving the true essence of the fruit
Good for health.

 Drying process

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Nutrition Value

Dehydrated lemon is a concentrated source of essential nutrients, mineral and antioxidants. Convenient and versatile, dehydrated lemon enhances the taste of various dishes and beverages.

Function and Usage

Dehydrated lemon adds a burst of citrus goodness to a myriad of culinary creations. Infuse it with tea for a refreshing twist, create detox water for a healthful hydration boost, mix it with wine or soda for a zesty cocktail, or use it to decorate cakes for a delightful visual and flavor enhancement. Its versatile usage makes dehydrated lemon a convenient and flavorful addition to a wide range of dishes and beverages.

Detoxing water Making fruit tea Drink with wine/ soda