The Pineapple Queen material source is based in Kien Giang province (belonging to the Mekong Delta), Vietnam. We do not use any pesticides and abuse chemical fertilizers during cultivation.Queen Pineapple is the specialty of the Mekong Delta, of its delicious taste, juicy sweetness, and softness. The medium size of a mature Pineapple Queen is around 800gr – 1800gr.Our pineapple farm has been grown for almost 100 years ago. Thanks to adaptable weather and soil, pineapple is grown naturally without pesticides. Pineapple is mixed with Coconut and Areca, 3 layers on the farms. The channel system interplaces into the farms creating diversified ecosystems with symbiotic living. Fertilizer of pineapple is channel mud that is made of leaves, roots of plantations, fish waste, and other insects that lived in the channel.Pineapple is propagated from the bud of the mother plant and harvested after 12 – 16 months from planting. The farmers select ripen pineapples to harvest when the fruits reach the peak of sweetness, aroma, and softness for drying.


We harvest mango from farms in the South East of Vietnam and Cambodia. They are a local specialty, with delicious taste and aromatic flavor. Mango farms are grown traditionally and ecologically. Grasses are freely growing on the farm, they keep the moisture for the soil, and make the soil softer. Some types of grass can prevent harmful insects. The mango trees well adapt to the environment, healthy and good-quality fruits.
Mango harvest season is often from November to June next year. The mango is harvested as starting to ripen, assuring mild sweetness and aroma of the fruits.